A hellenic version is also available (Η Σελίδα υπάρχει και στα Ελληνικά).
Namaste !

The Rainbow Family of Living Light exists since four decates and is a worldwide network of people that walk freely on the path of life and spiritual light in harmony and coexistance with Nature - Earth. All the creatures of the Earth share equally the same planet Gaia and noone worth more or less than another! Life is provided Free and in Abundance to All creatures: plants, animals, birds, fishes, humans!

If you don't know enough about the way we are funktion and our agreed consensuses, please read here about the nature of the Rainbow Family of Living Light's Gatherings.

Infos in different countries/languages:

Πέμπτη, 4 Ιουλίου 2013

2013 European Rainbow Gathering in Hellas!

2013 European Rainbow Gathering in Hellas!

The European Rainbow Gahering in Hellas 2013, will be
The site-map will be (un)official announced not in any site in internet! 
Brothers and Sisters have to communicate on foculizer@yahoo.gr to get all infos needed 
It will be an autoresponded e-mail from sometime later on...

Δευτέρα, 10 Ιουνίου 2013

Rainbow Gathering Foculizing LIST

 The 31st european gathering of the Rainbow Family will take place this year 2013, in Hellas, from July new moon till Augost new moon (8/7 - 6/8). The place of the gathering is announced a few days before the starting day. 

Rainbow Gathering Foculizing LIST
People who know the ways of….

1. Scouting                         
2. Songs book                   
3. Manual book
4. Posters                                           
5. Pro Invitation for 2013 (newsletter, history, texts)
6. Invitation
7. Info-foculizing and internet

1.       Seed camp
2.       Main Circle (stone fireplace alter)
3.       Kitchen
4.       Oven baking
5.       Storage (lock)
6.       Main Tipi
7.       Kids kitchen
8.       Kids village
9.       Silence area
10.   Medicine area
11.   Tsai kitchen

1.       Welcome center
2.       Main supply
3.       Magic Hut
4.       Water
5.       Fire wood
6.       Info center
7.       Gift pit digging (shitters)
8.       Dinner circle
9.       Talking circle council
10.   Vision circle
11.   Santi Sena
12.   Library
13.   Drum circles
14.   Parking
15.   Front gate
16.   Public relations (legal matters)
17.   Fire patrol

1.       Recycling
2.       Clean up




Expressed through the will:  To unite, celebrate and learn to walk our way, to all the folks, the elder of the tribes and the healers of the planet.

We, who are brothers and sisters, children of the universe, families of life on earth, friends of nature and of all people, children of humankind, galling ourselves rainbow family tribe, humbly invite:
• all races, peoples, tribes, communes, men, women, children, individuals,...out of love;
• all nations and national leaders... out of respect;
• all religions and religious leaders... out of faith;
• all world ecovillages and rainbow communities... out of charity;

To join with us in gathering together for the purpose of expressing our sincere desire that there shall be peace on earth and harmony among all.
For this spiritual and heart-soul healing gathering of the tribes we welcome everyone and we invite you to bring all you have with  you, in the body, in the mind, in the soul, to share your energy, your songs and your wisdom in love and light.

We invite to surrender your ego to the benefit of the family which is gathering with the spirit of the rainbow, for the desire of celebrating life and for the joy to dance on the body of our beautiful mother earth.
We represent many nations and many tribes of all religions, believes, traditions and ways of being. It is our possibility to be an example of unity living together in peace in the diversity of the all different realities of the circle and in harmony with the great nature.

Leave your fears, open your hearts, spread your wings, fly like an eagle, planning smoothly over the rainbow country. Come to celebrate the oneness with the many colors of the rainbow, share your dreams. Give space to each one to express his-her own beauty and uniqueness:  in whatever form, without repression but with honor and respect to each individual and of course with good vibrations -yeah!!     



A "RAINBOW GATHERING" is an occasion to meet and share with your sisters and brothers from different ethnicities, origins, countries, cultures, races and convictions.

Such a meting takes place somewhere in nature,  in full harmony with it.
There are NO LEADERS - each who takes part, actively takes his or her responsibility: if possible, in a harmonious, energetically fluent way.
Each who would like to share his or her talents, knowledge, visions and experience can offer a workshop to do so.  In a rainbow gathering, it's essential to try to live together in a non-commercial way, while respecting each others differences, backgrounds and realities - not any religious or political group is to monopolize the gathering.

In other words:  all colors of the rainbow are welcome - none of them dominates the other ones. The rainbow family has no chiefs. All decisions are being made in councils. Everyone may SPEAK HOLDING THE TALKING STICK IN A TALKING CIRCLE, whenever a common decision needs to be taken.  Everyone shares the responsibility to make the family healthy and strong. There are no "laws" decided by majority; there are decisions and principles agreed by consensus. For this CONSENSUS, there is deep respect.

We do not buy or sell to one another at a gathering. For the food and other needs the "MAGIC HAT" goes round the food circle twice a day: at such moments, each donates what he or she can afford. Food is prepared in communal kitchens and served for everyone in this huge food circle. Share your energy in whatever way(s) you feel like: helping in the kitchen, giving workshops, playing music-, visiting a healing circle, playing with children.

We do not publish the exact location oh the web.
If you want to get to know where the european gathering is, subscribe to:
"european gathering forum", european.rainbowgathering.eu
Or..."circleletter newsletter", rainbow news, views, visions world wide

PLEASE RESPECT the nature, do not cut green trees, keep the water source clean, do not use soap near the spring or the running water, no private fire, use common flre, take the garbage out of the camp when you go,  use compost toilet shit pit.

WHAT TO BRING: spoon, cup, plate, some heavy clothes, good sleeping bag, sleeping mat, ecological soap and tooth paste. Consider bringing also...personal or large tent, tipi, tools, tarps, (big or small) pots, candles, flash light. When using candles or flash light, use them wisely: candles because of fire danger, flash lights because of their impact. Trade seed!
WHAT ELSE: smile, love, friendship, vision & dreams, music instruments, chanting, knowledge, material to set up workshops, medicine, herbs anp good heart.

LEAVE BEHIND:  alcohol, drugs, violence, electric-equipment, meat propucts, plastics and dogs. Pictures are not welcome without the consensus from the subjects.

SHANTI SENA: we are all responsible for encouragement and bringing Peace to the family. We solve any confrontation in the talking circle.

CHILDREN ARE OUR LIGHT:  let's bring anything to prepare, a harpy playground and healthy, joyful children kitchen. Think to come with colors, paper, face painting, stuff to built toys and costumes, sweet food and sweet love.



European Gatherings History

European Gatherings History

1st European Gathering 1983 Switzerland
2nd European Gathering 1984 Switzerland
3rd European Gathering1985 North Italy
4th European Gathering1986 France
5th European Gathering1987 Spain
6th European Gathering1988 Spain
7th European Gathering 1989 Norway
8th European Gathering1990 Austria
9th European Gathering1991 Poland
10th European Gathering1992 Poland
11th European Gathering1993 Ireland (Ballyhupahaun)
12th European Gathering1994 Slovenia
13th European Gathering 1995 Czech Republic
14th European Gathering1996 Portugal
15th European Gathering1997 Greece (Hellas)
16th European Gathering1998 Russia
17th European Gathering1999 Hungary (Full Solar Eclipse 11/8)
18th European Gathering2000 Romania
19th European Gathering 2001 Croatia
20th European Gathering2002 Italy
21th European Gathering 2003 France (Pyrenees)
22th European Gathering2004 Bulgaria
23th European Gathering 2005 Germany
24th European Gathering2006 England
25th European Gathering2007 Bosnia
26th European Gathering2008 Serbia
27th European Gathering2009 Ukraine (Carpathian)
28th European Gathering2010 Finland (Leppävirta)
29th European Gathering2011 Portugal (Salto)
30th European Gathering2012 Slovakia (Lukovistia)
31th European Gathering2013 Hellas (Greece)

Κυριακή, 9 Ιουνίου 2013

Recent post for the European 2013!

Consensus was reached!
European Gathering 2013
will take place in HELLAS!
The European Rainbow Gahering in Hellas 2013, will be

the site will be (un)official announced not before the
1st July 2013
Brothers and Sisters who wish to help at the Seedcamp
have to communicate on foculizer@yahoo.gr
to submit the intent of participating

More Nature soon.

    Much love on your way and see you SOON in MOTHER NATURE!
    Happy Trails!