A hellenic version is also available (Η Σελίδα υπάρχει και στα Ελληνικά).
Namaste !

The Rainbow Family of Living Light exists since four decates and is a worldwide network of people that walk freely on the path of life and spiritual light in harmony and coexistance with Nature - Earth. All the creatures of the Earth share equally the same planet Gaia and noone worth more or less than another! Life is provided Free and in Abundance to All creatures: plants, animals, birds, fishes, humans!

If you don't know enough about the way we are funktion and our agreed consensuses, please read here about the nature of the Rainbow Family of Living Light's Gatherings.

Infos in different countries/languages:

Rainbow Survival Guide

The Rainbow Survival Guide

How to ….

… treat well your sisters ,brothers and nature...
With love, respect and understanding.
Help somebody if you see they need help. Respect their peace and privacy. Give them a warm, cozy welcome home hug, when they come home.
Show them where is what ,take some time to see them in the eyes. Show them how to do things and explain them what is a rainbow also by your example if you are an elder.
Treat flowers, streams, living beings with respect and love.
Nature is the temple of the Great Spirit given to us with generosity. Its our home and we are guests at the same time, since its also the home of all other beautiful creatures of creation. Butterflies and bees, flowers and trees, bugs and herbs, healing and salad herbs, libellas and frogs, lizards and birds, worms and sheep and of course us humans, we are all to share the same space and live together in harmony and respect for each other.

We dont : take pictures or film , make any kind of commercial activities , do drugs or alcohol, smoke in the healing and childrens area or in the tipis, enter tipis or fire places with shoes, make private fires in the forest, eat meat, make use of any electronic devices , kill animals or insects, throw garbage or cigarette buds in nature, bring dogs, cut flowers or green trees, use violence or treat people in a disrespectfull way.

… eat...
You put some money and love in the magic hat and bring some wood, music, clean hands and good energy in the main kitchen.

Our delicious meals are vegan.We dont eat meat or other living animals and we dont hunt or kill anything.
When you hear food circle for the 3rd time, you come with your plate and cup to the food circle.
Its a good idea to put the money at the beginning of the gathering in the magic hat, since we need to buy the food at the beginning of the gathering.

… stay warm and dry ..
You need an isomat, a warm sleeping bag, a wool blanket, a warm wool pullover, wool socks, a rain jacket and a waterproof tent.

...heal your body, soul and mind...

You bring some nice music instruments and play them around the fire, or dance. Visit or give some very nice workshops. Collect some herbs and make healthy salads or teas. Breath in the fresh air and be thankfull for everything surrounding you, the nature, the stars and your sisters and brothers.

...take a warm shower...
If you use ecological soap, stay away from rivers, sources, springs and any water.  Fill a bottle and rinse soap far away from the stream or the source.
You can fill a bottle and leave it in the sun for warm water. Take a lid and make small holes on it for showering.
You can wash with lava earth or ashes.

...clean and groom yourself....
You can brush your teeth with baking soda, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar or few drops of peppermint essential oil in some water, salt.
You can use baking soda as a deo or a natural crystal deodorant and use plant oils for skin care. You can get tanned by eating carrots and beatroots and using some coconut or sesam oil for the skin.
If you need to wash your clothes, use a bucket and throw the soapy water away from water scources and rivers.

… stay healthy...
Disinfect wounds with tea tree oil, lemon, propolis and use lemon and garlic to stay healthy.
You can disinfect your hands and your dishes with ashes, lemoncups and vinegar.
Keep your dishes and your bottles for personal use and if you get sick take blackberry leafs, grapefruit extract, lemons and garlic.
Use one bottle for drinking water and a separate for the shit pit. Mark your shitpit bottle putting a stick in it.

Keep all water sources, streams and rivers absolutely soap free.Dont make pipi or poo inside. There are insects, frogs, fishes, cattle and other beings living in and from the water.
Keep shitpits and compost pits far away from water scources and streams.
Dont bath in the drinking water or scources.
Rinse soap in a place away from water streems or scources.

...avoid mosquitos...
You can use an oil base with few drops of citronella oil as mosquito repellent.

… treat a sun burn...
If you get burned in the sun you can use some lemon juice at night and wash off in the morning before the sun hits you. You can use johgurt during day.
If you are sleeping outside, use a mosquito net.

… make and clean after poo...
Use a “giftpit”. Make a deep hole in the ground, away from kitchens, tents, rivers and running water. Use a private bottle to wash your self. Cover everything with some earth and ashes, wash your hands and disinfect them with ash, vinegar or lemon cups.

… deal with rubbish...
You can use a small water bottle as an ashtray, which you can keep in your bag with your plate and cup and empty it in your personal garbage. You take all garbage with you back to babylon and prefer fresh fruit and vegetables to reduce waste. Separate garbage: organic to the compost, plastic and metal for recycling and waste like personal hygiene waste in two plastic bags which you take back to the civilization. If you see any garbage, please collect it.

Generally avoid bringing Babylon stuff to the rainbow. It just creates more rubbish, in contrast to fruits and vegetables that make only compost, which turns to a furtilizer.

Respect all living beigns, nature, animals, plants and your brothers and sisters.
Treat them with love. Help where you can!

...use and obtain ashes...
Ash is the material result of fire. When combined with water, it results an alkaline solution. The alkaline dissolves fat. The bacterias, viruses and most of the dirty things are stick in the fat. Getting rid of the fat then makes the area clean. You can use alkaline substance to clean dishes, clothing, hands, intimate areas, body and so on.

Good ash is light gray to white and fine. It can be obtained by keeping the fire clean during the burning process. This means that you should put only firewood in the fire. Avoid throwing in the fire: plastic, any type of paper (paint paper, clean paper, napkins, toilet paper, carton, etc.), any type of compost or organic residue (fruit or vegetable peels including nuts or other wooden tegument, etc.), other types of residue (nails, hair, cigarette buds, tea bags, coffee, etc).

Remember! Fire is a sacred gift : avoid using it as an ashtray, trashcan or a solution to get rid of garbage.

Any garbage has to be sorted and put in the camp or personal trash bags while the live residue(peels, broken fruits or vegetables or anything that comes from cooking food) go in the compost hole which can be personal or common for bigger camps.

In the morning (once in 2 days or anytime necessary) gather the ash with a spoon or spatula from the fireplace and pass it through a fine filter( in order to separate the big pieces of coal, stone or unburned wood). Collect the fine ash resulted in a metal can or any other recipient. Put it in a accessible, dry place in your camp, for universal use. When washing dishes, clothing, hands or shitpit visit, just take a handful of ash and use it with confidence for cleaning.

… make water and Ash for washing clothing and textile
Adjust quantities depending on the quantity of clothing you want to wash.
Put clean fine ash (several hundred grams) in a recipient and then add water (several liters). Mix it together and you will notice air bubbles from the chemical reaction between ash and water. This is when water becomes highly alkaline. Leave the composition to settle until the water is on top and the ash is at the bottom. Easily pour the clear alkaline-water in other recipient along with the clothing and leave the wet ash aside. The clothing should stay in this water for half to one hour, depending how dirty the clothing is. In this time, rub the clothing with your hands for couple of times. Put the dirty water away from river and rinse with clean water. You are ready!

Note: For better results you can use rain water you previously collected instead of ground water.

… make a good shit pit...
The shitpit has to be dug in accessible location so that it can be easy to get to. Living areas, camps, tents, kitchens, etc. have to have fast access to common or personal shitpit. Remember though that it should be far enough so that we keep our air, water, ground clear of stench, insects, disease, etc.

When digging a shit pit, keep in mind that it must be comfortable to use even by old\disabled people, children, pregnant women and of course the average rainbow during day, night, rain, snow, wind and so on. It has to be hygienic and easy-to-use.

Digging a shitpit idea: dig a hole, like a trench, about 15-20 cm wide, 50 - 100 cm deep and several meters long on a flat surface. Let the ground that comes from digging aside so that it can be used later for covering. You can use this kind of shitpit by placing your feet on each side of the trench and make the ski position.

Be aware though of your neighbors and fellow rainbows and try to do it as civilized as possible away from tents, paths and cooking/hanging around areas. Keep the place clean, just like you would like to find it.

After using the shitpit, sanitize by washing yourself (hands and intimate area) with water and ash, sprinkle some ash over the area you used, and then cover it with earth. This keeps the place clean of odors, insects and disease. Avoid using paper in the shitpit.

...clean and disinfect your hands with lemon cups and ashes very well after the shitpit...
This way you protect your self and your brothers and sisters from diseases. Especially in the first food circle when its warm and we hold hands for long time, bacteria loves to travell around through sweating hands in the mouth .

Please never do your needs in places where people collect herbs  or  can step on it, smell it, sit on it.

… stay safe...
If you see a fight or there is an abuse or some sorts of bigger trouble, you call SHANTI SHEENA

Dont leave money, valuables, mobile phones, tablets, travelling documents in tents or cars. Keep travelling documents and tickets on you. Dont bring electronic devices, like cameras, mobile phones, netbooks and other valuables to the rainbow.
Bring as much as you need for the magic hat and put it in in the beginning of the gathering, so that we can buy nice fruits and vegetables.

Sister, Brother, please, dont bring dogs.
Loose dogs disturb at the circle, fight with each other, bark to people they dont know, make poo wherever it seems to them a good idea, (they usually prefer paths, meadows and clean places, this way, we step or sit on it), lick plates, cups and cooking pots as well as their private areas, hunt in pacs at night and kill baby sheep, deer or nesting wild birds, and usually they try to eat from the plates of the people. In some cases they eat poo.
Apart from this, there is an alarm for rabbies on dogs and foxes at the moment in Greece.
Tied dogs cry or bark night and day, which doesnt let people sleep and relax, which transmitts general discomfort and stress to everybody.

Dont bring or consume alcohol or drugs. The rainbow is a healing place and we make the rainbow safe. To provide safety for you and your brothers and sisters you need to be concious of your words, thoughts and actions. Thus we dont consume alcohol or drugs. Also dont smoke at the healing and childrens area, in healing and workshop spaces and in the tipis.

Dont light fires in the forest. Escpecially on dry days, the fire is quite useless and the danger of putting a fire in the forest is very high. Forest fires in Greece are almost impossible to put out, since the trees have lots of raisin and there is allways wind. On dry days its warm, so there is much less need for a fire. Use the chai kitchen and communal fires.
Make all fireplaces safe, whithout roots or straws or sticks around and underneath and stones around the fireplace. Keep fire extinction means close, like water and buckets with earth.  Never make the fire  too high and never under trees. When the wind blows it gets immediatly  out of control.

Put allways one end of the stick in the fire, never the middle, since this creates lots of unnecessary smoke and it takes much more time for the stick to burn. If you put one end, the other parts of the stick have time to dry, while exposed slowly to the heat.

Love and Light

Text: Rainbow Family
Paintings: Pinelopi
(Greek Rainbow Family)

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